Welcome to "E O ka Liko", Featuring Hawaiian Quilting by Ric Stark

    Ric Stark is a maker of Hawaiian quilts, who lives and works in Ewa Beach on the island of ʻOahu.  He first learned Hawaiian quilting from his Aunty Vi in Hilo and has been perfecting his craft over the past twenty-two years since 1998.  

    E komo mai!  Please enter, browse and enjoy the quilting of Ric Stark, a master Hawaiian quilter.




A precious gift-- the sharing of Hawaiian heritage

Aunty Vi- Ric
Aunty Vi- Ric

    Hawaiian quilting is a precious gift-- a gift, which the artist receives as he learns from his kupuna and kumu (elder and teacher); a gift, which is passed through the quilt to be shared with others.  

    On a Sunday afternoon in 1998 Ric sat beside Nani Loa Hotel in Hilo, receiving his first instruction from his new kumu (teacher), Violet Hue.  Even that day Ric became aware that this would become a profound marker in life.  Ever since that day Ric's life is marked "before Aunty; after Aunty" and "before Hawaiian quilting; after Hawaiian quilting."

    It is profoundly true that our kupuna speak so forcefully about "quilting with aloha".  "Ke kapa" has such an important place in Hawaiian tradition and mythology.  

    In the words of Meali`i Kalama, "The quilter sits and focuses on loving thoughts of the person she is quilting for.  In doing so, the quilt becomes an expression of the love of God."  To all of us who share in the gift of such an art, we continually express our gratitude for the gift! Mahalo no! 


"Kūlia i ka Nuʻu" (Striving for the Summit)

He Pua Kalaunu o Liliu
He Pua Kalaunu o Liliu


    Ever striving for perfection ("Kūlia i ka Nuʻu."), Ric continually hones his skills in his quilting workmanship and in pattern design.  These Hawaiian quilts are masterful gifts with their unique life force (ka mana).  Indeed, while Aunty Vi taught Ric the craft, she passed to him the gift of a precious heritage.

    Through the years of effort and practice, the rewards are realized.  Ric's quilts have earned outstanding recognition and award.  In April, 2012, Ric displayed a quilt at the AQS Annual Show and Contest in Paducah, Kentucky.  (See Quilting Awards/ Honors for details.)

    Ric is proud to be a member of Hawaii Quilt Guild and Ka Lae Quilters in Kaʻu.  



Ka Wā Mamua; Ka Wā Mahope. (The future is found in the past.)

A Quilt Legacy for Our Queen

Queen Liliuokalani
Queen Liliuokalani

    Through the completion and showings of "He Pua Kalaunu o Liliu", Ric has realized and has accepted a focus and a mission for his continuing quilt work.

    Each of Ric's quilts is conceived and dedicated to our beloved Queen Liliuokalani.  Over the coming years he envisions some dozen or more quilts, each depicting a personal and intimate story from the Queen's life.  Together these quilts will create a kind of quilt biography-- not chronologically or literally-- but almost as a kind of quilted diary. Through Hawaiian quilts Ric will be sharing "the Queen's own story".


Violet Hue
Violet Hue

Mahalo no!

    Often words are so inadequate!  How to say "thank you" for a gift as precious as life itself!

    I seldom considered needing a perfect photo of my dear Aunty.  While I was so proudly accompanying my quilt to such honor of display at Paducah in April 2012, Violet Hue passed on.  

    Having been given so much, I have no adequate way of thanking this vivacious, eccentric and reclusive woman, who willingly taught and shared-- and in so doing, gave purpose and definition to my life ("my hanai son", she always introduced me.)

    "Mahalo no, e Aunty!"  May I always make you proud!  Your love lives on in each and every stitch....